July 25, 2024

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VoIP Desk Phones: What are they?

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VoIP Desk Phones can be a great alternative to landlines. They are less expensive than landlines and easy to set up. These desk phones are great for small businesses that need to communicate with clients and coworkers. If you want them, learn more about them.

Less Expensive Than Landlines

VoIP desk phones are less expensive for small business owners than landlines. A landline requires physical lines and installation, which can run several thousand dollars. It also lacks many modern perks. For example, landlines cannot handle phone calls from mobile devices like smartphones. Additionally, if your business grows, you must add and maintain more phone lines.

As VoIP and landline technology differ, it is important to understand how each differs. Landlines use solid core copper wires and plug into two-pin wall jacks. They work with circuit switching, while VoIP uses internet connections. With VoIP, you can get a more affordable phone plan with many more features, saving you money in the long run.

VoIP phones are easier to use than landline phones. They have more intuitive functions and can be used by touching a name instead of navigating through menus. In addition, you don’t need an in-house IT staff to set up VoIP desk phones. This makes VoIP desk phones more affordable for small businesses.

The main difference between landlines and VoIP is long-distance calls’ cost. While VoIP works nationwide, landline costs vary based on your region. Landline services are also more expensive if you need to make international calls.

Easy to Use

There are many different options for easy-to-use VoIP desk phones. Some are designed for home use, while others are designed for businesses. In addition, VoIP phones can offer basic features, video capabilities, and more. 

Some VoIP providers provide round-the-clock support for their customers. Others may only provide support during business hours or charge extra for this service. Toll-free phone numbers are not required for every company, but if you have a receptionist and need someone to answer the phone, toll-free numbers can be very helpful. Another great feature for businesses is caller ID, which can help set the tone of a call. This is especially important in industries such as sales.

Getting the right VoIP phone for your business is important. While there is no universal model, some VoIP desk phones are easier to use than others. They vary based on industry, telecommunication infrastructure, and advanced features. Some are even touchscreens and offer video conferencing. The main difference between a VoIP desk phone and a traditional one is the amount of flexibility and advanced calling features they can offer.

Another feature of a high-end IP phone is managing multiple SIP accounts. This makes it ideal for call centers with high call volumes. They also allow for multi-party audio conferencing and support for Bluetooth headsets. Another great feature of a high-end IP phone is its full-color LCD screen. It also has integrated Bluetooth, so you can use it to make hands-free calls.

Easy to Set Up

Getting your VoIP desk phones set up is a simple process whether you use them in your home or the office. The first step is to choose the right hardware. Next, choose an IP phone that supports power over ethernet. Next, set up dial plans and assign extensions to your VoIP phone. Some VoIP providers provide setup wizards.

Then, connect the VoIP phone to an adaptor. The adaptor should have ports marked ‘Phone 1’ and ‘Line 1’. Make sure to keep this adaptor plugged in at all times. You should see an option that allows you to connect to your IP-based phone system with your PC. You can even receive calls from your smartphone or tablet. You may also need to download software to access your VoIP phone, depending on your VoIP provider.

Make sure to consider your existing hardware when choosing VoIP. Many VoIP providers have free trial periods and money-back guarantees. This is because they don’t want to cause you any trouble. In addition, you may frequently keep your current phone numbers with VoIP companies if you already have them. This will greatly simplify the VoIP setup procedure.

If you are using a router, be sure to check if the router supports VoIP. If not, you may need to make configuration changes to the router. You may also need to use Network Address Translation, which remapping of IP addresses.

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