July 22, 2024

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The Complete Overview Of All Amazon Marketplaces World-wide

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<strong>The Complete Overview Of All Amazon Marketplaces World-wide</strong>

As of right now, amazon marketplaces is active in 19 different nations globally. It’s time to get to know them better in order to identify possible markets where you may grow your Amazon business. It should go without saying that any seller should think about selling on Amazon.com because it offers a much wider customer base than any other e-commerce site, including eBay. 

The possibility of earning more money with less effort is even more thrilling. Although Amazon is far from the ideal platform for selling, it does provide a number of benefits, particularly for businesses looking to access a broader and more varied customer base that is more likely to make major online purchases. 

You should join the Amazon.com movement as a vendor for the following key reasons:

  • Numerous prospective customers

More than three times as many potential customers can be reached through Amazon.com as there are through eBay. There are 237 million active Amazon.com customers. There were 70 million active eBay users in a recent Forbes piece. If these projections are accurate, selling on Amazon.com will provide you access to more than three times as many prospective clients. You now have 237 million reasons to start selling on Amazon as a merchant.

  • People adore shopping on Amazon.com

Amazon.com sees a lot of traffic from people who spend a lot of money, and that traffic is growing quickly. In June of this year, Amazon.com reported revenue (the total amount of money it makes from sales) of $81.76 billion. According to Ycharts, Amazon.com generated $66.85 billion in revenue in June of last year. You should acknowledge the enormous quantity of business that can be done on Amazon to begin with. Getting a piece of this business for self is the challenging part.

  • Reputation

Compared to eBay, Amazon.com has a considerably better reputation. Due to their perception of eBay as being cheap and dishonest, many consumers choose not to shop there. The same people adore Amazon.com and frequently make purchases there. If you are a vendor, you should bear this in mind.

  • Amazon Prime

Programs like Amazon Prime can expand your consumer base and revenue. Prime achieves this by enticing customers to make larger purchases by providing rewards, such as free two-day shipping on a variety of products with no minimum purchase need.  

A typical Amazon Prime member spends $538 per year on the website after polling 2,000 U.S. customers of Amazon.com. You can immediately see the benefit of employing Prime in your Amazon e-commerce plan when you compare this to the $320 that the typical Amazon consumer spends.

  • Zero Listing Fee

You won’t be charged anything to list a product on Amazon.com. In actuality, you won’t be charged until you make a sale. This is fantastic news for sellers because it allows you to post more things and keep the listings up for longer. However, you should be aware that Amazon.com will take a sizable portion of the purchase price, typically around 20%. If you take part in initiatives like Fulfillment By Amazon, Amazon will take a bigger cut.

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