April 13, 2024

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Solar Energy Vs. Fossil Fuels

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Solar Energy vs Fossil Fuels: How Do They Compare? | EnergySage

Fossil fuels are the most common source of energy to power electricity, let cars run, and others. However, the issue with fossil fuels is that they produce toxic emissions when used and the source is not renewable. On the other hand solar energy is renewable and doesn’t produce toxic gases when used. So, there is always a debate on solar energy vs. fossil fuels. Here is some of what you need to know about solar power vs coal to make you more understand their differences.

How Is Solar Energy Harnessed?

Passive solar heating happens when the sunlight enters our room and makes it warm. However, this energy should be collected and converted to be able to be used as electricity. Solar energy is collected through solar panels. Solar panels collect energy from the sun, and then it will be converted to electricity when it is processed on the solar panel system. Solar panels are composed of the following:

  • solar panels, which are responsible for collecting energy from the sun.
  • Inverters, which are responsible for converting direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). AC can be used to power household appliances. 
  • Batteries, which are used to store excess energy, so solar energy can be collected during the day and can be used at night. So 24/7 energy production is possible. 

Each component is connected by cables and wires. This is how the solar panel system works to produce energy. 

Solar Energy Advantages:

Source is Abundant 

Sun is less likely to be scarce when it comes to giving supplies to solar energy. Unlike other sources, we can say that the sun’s energy is abundant and can never run out. That’s why prices per watt of solar energy are at 3 to 6 cents only as of the average. Installation may be expensive, but the rate per kilowatt is far lower than other energy sources. 

Environmental Friendly 

This is the main reason why people are shifting to solar usage. They are aware that using fossil fuels produces toxic gases, so they prefer solar energy since it is not harmful as well as they can be able to reduce their electricity bills. 

Where Does Fossil Fuel Come From?

There are three main sources of fossil fuels: coal, petroleum, and natural gas. Fossil fuels are energy stored millions of years ago that is stored in organisms. These organisms are then converted to fossil fuels. Drilling and mining on the deep layers of the earth are needed to be able to get fossil fuels and operational costs are expensive. The energy is only released by burning to break the atom’s bond. Before, fossil fuels were abundant and easy to find, but as years pass by, the supply is becoming less and less 

Fossil Fuels Advantages:


Fossil fuels may cost 5 to 17 cents per kilowatt, but installation is not needed. Anyone can use it without having to put up their own system. That’s why some people prefer to stick to fossil fuel as their source of energy. 

Well-Developed Technology 

Since fossil fuels are the common source of energy, the technology using them has already been perfected. This means it is easier to utilize and people have become used to it. They are accessible everywhere we go and have a wider scope since they can be used anywhere. People who are more comfortable with fossil fuel-based electricity would stick with it rather than shift to solar ones. Since they don’t have to adapt to changes, they spend one time getting a solar panel system. 

Bottom Line: Why Is Solar Energy Better Than Fossil Fuels?

If you check on solar energy vs. fossil fuels, solar energy will still win due to the fact that the source is indefinite, and it gives a lot of advantages and benefits compared to fossil fuel as a source of energy.  Solar energy is now getting bigger and users are increasing. Despite the upfront cost, people are aware of the rewards they can reap when they have one installed in their homes. Being aware of how solar energy can help you find a better way of getting your home power-up will be helpful before getting one installed in your home.

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