July 25, 2024

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Looking to Continue its Economic Growth – China Opening Flood Gates Population Growth

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Well, it looks as if we will all be speaking Chinese in the future and China will surpass the World as the largest super power with the most people. Why? Because China plans on sun setting its one child per couple rules and that means explosive population growth. It has long been hypothesized that a growing population is intimately related to long-term GDP growth and economic prosperity. Indeed, the opposite has been proven as well. Failure to grow the population will cause an economic slowdown and even collapse.

China is looking forward on a 100, 150 or even a 200-year plan. Some, may be very alarmed at this, especially those who study Human Habitats and Urban Slums at the United Nations, nevertheless, at the present time China probably does not see another choice. Personally, I would suggest looking into the robotics of the future to insure economic output, even with a decreasing or negative population growth rate. Is the World ready for the future Chinese Super Power, well, I guess it does not matter, as it is going to happen either way.

If I were running China, would I call for increased birth rates from within? Yes, probably, just like presently the US is allowing some 30 million illegal aliens to find their way to citizenship now. Otherwise, the US will end up like Japan, with an aging population and nowhere to go. Europe will be next, same scenario, although immigrants from Eastern Europe and Muslims immigrating, some legally, some not. China is doing what it feels it needs to do, even if many environmentalists are worried that surpassing 10-billion humans on the planet is going to be the death of us all.

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