September 25, 2023

Cocoabar21 Clinton

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How to Increase Productivity and Retention in Your MLM Downline

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Did you know that the average network marketer lasts about 3 months in a business? Yep – Sadly it’s true. Why is that? We all have 24 hours in a day and yet some earn a minimum hourly wage whilst others are earning hundreds, even thousands per hour. Are some people just Lucky?

Well I believe we can create our own “luck” you see it’s all about desire (your WHY), education (personal development), value (how you communicate your knowledge) and consistent action. Why do you think most people join their first Network Marketing Opportunity? Usually it is to escape from, or change something that they don’t like in their current lifestyle. So what happens? Unless YOU as their sponsor can show them a quick and easy system to plug into that’s going to start earning them some money, then, 80% of your new team will lose interest within 1 – 3 months.

FACT: Ever heard of the 80 / 20 rule?

It’s the way of the world – 80% of people are always going to think that there is a “quick buck” to be made or a get rich scheme that will outdo all others just around the corner – they don’t have the patience to see anything through. Do you have any team members like this? Worse – Are you one of these people?

To improve productivity and retention in your MLM downline, you have to have the desire to educate yourself, you have to give out incredible value to others and you have to be consistent with your activity. So how does this increase your retention rate if there are always going to be 80% of people dropping out.

1) You need to educate yourself on prospecting and recruiting techniques that are going to blow your recruitment statistics out of the water! Practice until it becomes second nature to you.
2) You need to learn how to market yourself online and generate your own leads with a simple online system like MLSP, so that you are not emotionally involved in the outcome of each prospect. The more prospects you speak with, the less hung up you are on whether they say yes or no.
3) “Filter” your prospects to see if they “qualify” for your time – give them assignments to do before they join your opportunity.
4) Allocate your time to people who are active and deserve your time, not those who are needy.
5) Keep your new prospect involved in everything in the team with weekly webinars and trainings and “buddy” them up with someone who is positive and self motivated.

So – do you have the desire? (You need to have your “WHY”)

Do you want to educate yourself? – People join “people” – so what do you have that other people want? If you don’t have anything to offer your prospect – then you need to start doing something about that! Will you utilise a Marketing System to sky rocket your marketing efforts? – Essential for easy duplication.

Will you be consistent? – Will you work your business daily?
Will you be persistent? – even if you don’t see immediate results?

Warning – If you take sole responsibility for your team’s behaviour and actions then you will be building a “babysitting” mentality within your team. Instead, focus on being consistent inyour own business building activities and encourage your team to follow, by making it easy for them to do so.

Think about it – if 80% of network marketers drop out, there are a HUGE number of inexperienced distributors out there with no sponsor who may want to come and join YOU. How much value do you think you can demonstrate as a leader by nurturing and encouraging your team to achieving the success that THEY want. What if you could show them not only how to duplicate what you’re doing through an automated online marketing system, but also to train them on what you have learned about generating prospects online.

By helping others to achieve what THEY want, ultimately you will get what YOU want. There is no better way! – I sleep VERY well at night and I hope you do too. To the 20% ers!

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