June 4, 2023

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How bad is the rooster shortage? It truly is there, but the sky’s not slipping

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Chickens stand in a fenced pasture near Waukon, Iowa. Officials throughout the industry say high demand is fueling tight chicken supplies.

Hen sandwiches, hen wings, hen breasts, bone-in and boneless chicken.

All issues hen that can be set on a plate or in a bowl are so well known with consumers appropriate now that demand is roiling the field, producing shortages in some of the most well-liked chicken merchandise.

How lousy is the extensively claimed rooster lack?

Relies upon on whom you converse to, but it is a big plenty of problem to ruffle feathers of consumers, producers and suppliers in the United States and appropriate here in Northeast Ohio.

It’s authentic adequate to force lots of restaurants to cancel hen-wing specials and scramble to fill orders for all things rooster — regionally, Wing Warehouse, Winking Lizard and a host of taverns and pubs have had to terminate or adjust bone-in rooster wing specials owing to confined provides of the products. In previous months, major-manufacturer chains could not make more than enough hen sandwiches to satisfy buyers.

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