July 14, 2024

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Five Practical Ways to Have More Money in an Economic Recession

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Five Practical Ways to Have More Money in an Economic Recession

Money is not everything and will never be.

Money won’t solve most of your problems and it can never give you all solutions, so? I want you to get it into your mind that money is just an aid not an end.

In this period when everything is sky rocketing and money circulation is tight, I am confident that we all need that extra pound, dollar or naira. Unless you are already a billionaire, or have millionaire parents, you will at one time need an extra cash to oil the engine of your life.

You will agree with me that there is somebody you know who seems to always have more money than you, and you have been wondering what is his/her secret. Now listen up let me tell you how to HAVE MORE IN LESS. This is what am applying in my life and it is working.

If you definitely want to have more, you must learn how to manage the limited resources you have. You will be surprised to see what one dollar, or hundred naira would sum up to in a long while. This is what I meant; if you spend one dollar (#350) on snacks two days a week, which will amount to 1*2 *4 (8) in a month. That will give you $8 a month, then 8*12 will give you the total for a year. That is $98 in a year which is #33600 in Nigeria. The essence of micromanaging is to cut unnecessary expenses, then channel the money to something more productive. Spend money on the needful not on your ostentation.

In this era, who you know is vital. Make use of your contacts in legitimate ways. Mark the word LEGITIMATE, don’t depend on what you know only, but ask for reference from your contacts. This works well because it reduces the added charges and time on some services. When you are introduced by a good person, stress of building trust is reduced because you are banking on your referee’s already established personality and goodwill. When utilized efficiently, brings in good discount and better costumer relations.

Go green with your lifestyle. Recycle everything if possible, when I say recycle, I mean that you have to reuse, reduce and recycle. That is, REDUCE the quantity of what you accumulate or buy, REUSE what you have as far as they are good and functional, RECYCLE them over and over again. You can recycle your car, house, clothe and kitchen waste. Yes! Use your waste in the garden, this will save you some money too. Just go green.

Never depend on a single source of income. This is will aid you to reduce stress especially when that source is affected by bad economy. Find other means to make passive income, there is always means to do that like; starting a part time business, monetizing your talents, sale some things and many more. If you don’t have an idea, you can Google. HOW TO MAKE PASSIVE INCOME, there are great ideas to plug into and start generating income.

5. SAVE:
Finally, if you want to have more in less, always SAVE, SAVE AND SAVE. No matter how small, save a substantial amount every time money enters your hand. By saving, you will always have more to do important things while others run around looking for funds.


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