February 22, 2024

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Everything You Need To Know About Plastic Card Mailers

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The plastic card mailer is a versatile marketing tool that can be used to increase brand awareness and quality leads. Although it looks similar to traditional postcards, it is laminated for better durability. This makes it last longer and attract more attention than postcards. This is why you should consider using plastic card mailers when you want to make a lasting impression.

Printing On Both Sides Of A Business Card

Printing on both sides of a business card mailer can help you get more exposure. However, it will increase the cost of the order. Therefore, discussing the benefits and drawbacks of double-sided printing with your printing company before printing on both sides is important. The company you choose should also be able to help you determine the right paper stock and finish. Double-sided printing allows for more room for text, graphics, and contact information. It also helps the business card look less cluttered. Using both sides of a business card increases its sales potential and minimizes waste. In addition, it looks more professional and impressive.

You may print your logo on one side of the card and the contact information on the other. Full-color printing is a great way to tie your brand colors and logo. It would help if you also used strong contrast between the background and foreground text. It is advisable to print standard contact information on the front side and additional information on the backside.

Recycling A Plastic Card Mailer

If you receive a plastic card in the mail, likely, you’re not sure how to recycle it. You can’t put them in the normal plastic recycling bin, but you can find a recycling drop-off location where you can recycle them. It will usually be a grocery store or a retail store. Most stores will accept them in the same way as paper packaging. If you can’t find one, try contacting a local grocery store or recycling facility.

Most grocery stores and large-box retailers have a program for recycling thin film plastic mailers. Most programs do not require removing shipping labels, and some will also accept them. Tissue paper mailers are also acceptable to recycle. However, because they’re flimsy, you may want to compost them instead of recycling them.

You can take the mailer to a recycling location when you’re finished with your mailing. Most paper and cardboard can be recycled, but plastic mailers may require special recycling. In many cities, there is a curbside recycling program. You can also check online to find drop-off locations in your neighborhood. In addition, you can find drop-off locations through municipal recycling centers and private recyclers.

Laminating A Plastic Card Mailer

Laminating a plastic card mailer is a great way to protect your printed material and keep it looking fresh. The process involves printing your card in full color on a classic piece of plastic, trapping it inside a thin layer of laminate, and then sealing it with heat. The result is a sturdy, high-quality card that will withstand the test of time.

Another benefit of laminating a plastic card mailer is the ability to add personalization. Compared to standard paper options, lamination allows you to print your customer’s information directly and include a website link. This personalization helps increase response rates. Your direct mail campaign will also stand out more if you laminate your mailer.

Plastic card mailers are a great way to extend customer loyalty rewards if you run a retail business. These personalized cards are a great way to reward loyal customers and improve repeat business. You can even print barcodes on the plastic postcards to make it easier to track purchases. The laminated cards are also perfect for rewarding your customers for large purchases.

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