May 25, 2024

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Buttermilk Sky Pie has opened a Charlotte-area location

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Key Lime is one of nine daily flavors at Buttermilk Sky Pie in Huntersville.

Key Lime is one of nine daily flavors at Buttermilk Sky Pie in Huntersville.

It’s safe to say that any made-from-scratch dessert edges out the competition for so many reasons, with the most important one being made with love. You know, the kind of love that makes you smile even before the first taste. Then, love at first bite. This same pure bliss has made its way to Huntersville in the form of America’s favorite dessert — pie.

Many would argue that pie is the perfect ending to a meal, but thanks to Savannah Lape and Gabby Sillyman, you’ll be able to start and end your day with a fresh, made-from-scratch — and made with love — sweet treat from Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop.

You don’t have to wait to fall in love with one — or all — of the nine daily pie flavors. The shop quietly opened earlier this month, and Sillyman told CharlotteFive that it has already been busy with dessert lovers stopping by.

“I think through pandemic, people have realized how important small businesses are in our community and how much they support our community,” Sillyman said. “It’s shined a light on small businesses, and I think people are really showing up for our community.”

More than pies, Buttermilk Sky Pie is about community, which is part of the reason the sisters fell in love with the concept. About three years ago, they walked into a Buttermilk Sky Pie shop in Johnson City, Tennessee, for the first time. Once they experienced the freshness and taste of the baked goods, the staff and the atmosphere, they were hooked, Sillyman said.

One phone call, quite a bit of hard work and a COVID-19 pandemic later, the 17th location — and the first in North Carolina — is bringing that same experience to the Charlotte area.

“While we are a franchise, we’re all individually, locally owned and run,” Sillyman said. “We live here in Huntersville. It’s still very much a small, family-run business. That’s very important to us. We want all of our customers to get to meet us, to know us and know that we want to be a part of this community and we’re happy to be here.”

Pie it Forward: Giving back to the community

Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop is adamant about supporting local schools and organizations. The Pie It Forward program allows them to be intentional about giving back to the communities where they’re located. Heal Charlotte is first up, with 10 percent of sales on March 13 being donated to the organization for the Grand Opening Pie It Forward.

“Once a month, people can submit requests to be a part of our program,” Sillyman said. “We pick a nonprofit or school in the area, they come in and they pick a pie from a special recipe book. We run that pie in our 9 inch and 4 inch sizes all month long. At the end of the month, we cut them a check for a portion of the sales to go to their organization.”

A pie for each day of the week — and then some

With nine daily flavors, the shop has a little something for everyone. The bonus is the featured Pay It Forward selection that runs each month, along with a seasonal pie that rotates every six weeks.

Key Lime is one of nine daily flavors. Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop

You can choose from Granny’s Apple, Nanny’s Pecan, Key Lime, Chocolate Cream, Chewy Chocolate Chip, Southern Custard, Peanut Butter and the shop’s best-seller, I-40 — a pie filled with pecans, chocolate chips and toasted coconut named while stuck in traffic between Knoxville and Memphis.

“We’re realizing the I-40 sells so well here, but people are so excited to try everything,” Sillyman said. “We’ve been selling a ton of chocolate, peanut butter, apple and key lime. Kids love the chewy chocolate and people love it with ice cream, so it really varies.”

Gabby Sillyman and Savannah Lape said business has been booming so far at the Huntersville pie shop. Shutter Sisters NC

Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop

16836 D Birkdale Commons Pkwy., Huntersville

Instagram: @buttermilkskypieshop

Mark your calendars:

  • On March 12, Bubbles and Brew Food Truck will be on site from 5-9 p.m. Customers will receive a drink ticket with the purchase of a four pie stack or 9 inch pie.

  • On March 13, the first 50 customers will receive a free pie for a year card, and 10 percent of sales will be donated to Heal Charlotte.

  • On Pi Day — March 14 — 4 inch pies will be $3.14.

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