July 24, 2024

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3 Effective Networking Statements

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We always want to make sure that what we are doing is effective and meaningful. In other words, we never want to be wasting our time when it comes to strengthening our career or building our businesses.

When we are out and networking for the cause, we want to make sure that our actions and efforts lead to productive and favorable outcomes. We want to practice the right things that are going to deliver to us the results we desire.

It should be noted that it is important to give to our contacts before expecting to receive. However, it is equally important to convey exactly what we need to other professionals and how they can assist us.

When you can do this the right way, it is concise and non-threatening to your contacts. It also keeps the basic motives of business networking alive. Those being, we will work together to help each other.

So, with the above taken into consideration, you must further position yourself for success. These statements can help;

1. If you are interested in helping me, I need…

You will want to say some combination of the above statement because your new contact may want to help you but fail to ask how. Saying this statement, of course calls for a very receptive ear but if not said, your contacts may never really know what you’re looking for. Assumptions cannot pay the bills so you must help them to help you.

2. The biggest problem I can solve for clients is…

There are so many different specialists in the business world that one can easily be confused with another. Letting your contacts know not only your ideal client but the best way you can solve a problem is just another way to be laser targeted in your approach. When doing this, you are literally handing them point blank information.

3. My biggest challenge is…

Describing your biggest challenge is not an opportunity or invitation to whine about all of your business woes. In fact, you should be selective in what is being described as a business challenge.

You must describe an aspect that is preventing you from clearing a certain hurdle. If the individual sincerely wants to help you, they need something to go on that may be attainable through their resources. In other words, it must be something tangible and not a personal issue like the lack of motivation. If this is the problem, it is a personal one and not a business challenge.

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